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ben"An ounce of practice is worth more than tons of preaching!" - Mahatma Gandhi


IPANLP - The Indian & International Professional Association of Neuro-Linguistic Programming is the first and only NLP community in India & UAE to embrace New Code NLP! It recognises current NLP practices that fall beyond the scope of the many established NLP membership organisations and is an elite community of NLP enthusiasts from all walks of life who wish to support the Professionalism of NLP Application & Education in India & UAE.

We are a young, vibrant and intelligent community, already officially recognised as equals, in writing, by many of the large NLP membership organisations, in fact some have already copied our ideas, tag lines etc. There is a wonderful frame in NLP called the 'As If' frame.  After copying us and acting 'As If', perhaps we will soon see these organisations actually behaving as ecological NLP organisations, and even utilising NLP learnings within their organisation.

At IPANLP we are fully confident in our intention that India & UAE set the benchmark in NLP Application & Education that the rest of the world aspires to. Infact, in small pockets, we demonstrate that we already are! Our culture has traditionally embraced and highly values, education & qualification and already sets the benchmark in many fields of study.

Hans Rosling, a professor of global health at Sweden's Karolinska Institute says,
"Once upon a time, at the age of 24, I was a student at St. John's Medical College in Bangalore. I was a guest student during one month of a public health course. And that changed my mindset forever. The course was good, but it was not the course content in itself that changed the mindset. It was the brutal realization, the first morning, that the Indian students were better than me.
You see, I was a study nerd. I loved statistics from a young age. And I studied very much in Sweden. I used to be in the upper quarter of all courses I attended. But in St. John's, I was in the lower quarter. And the fact was that Indian students studied harder than we did in Sweden. They read the textbook twice, or three times or four times. In Sweden we read it once and then we went partying.

And that, to me, that personal experience was the first time in my life that the mindset I grew up with was changed. And I realized that perhaps the Western world will not continue to dominate the world forever.  And I think many of you have the same sort of personal experience. It's that realization of someone you meet that really made you change your ideas about the world."

See the full talk at - Hans Rosling, Asia's Rise

NLP certification through the multitude of worldwide NLP membership organisations who have virtually the same sets of outdated, minimal standards, yet almost all refuse to recognise each other!  Their efforts to create their own USP (Unique Selling Point) often go against the original intentions of NLP, that NLP expands choice rather than restricts it, and a significant portion of the content of their syllabi are NOT strictly NLP!

Our structured yet flexible appoach enables us to recognise this content and make the distiction of what is not strictly NLP, and yet still useful.

NLP mastery is not based on the syllabus, organisation, trainer or certification. Rather, to quote John Grinder, it is about "Practice, Practice, Practice!". 

So rather than judge YOUR ability based on the organisation, trainers or course you attended we are more interested in YOU!! That you are a professional continuing to search for quality NLP development in other trainers and organisations if the first did not meet your needs or satisfy your high standards, and of course, in continuing to Practice!

We want to support and encourage quality, affordable NLP Practice & Training in India & UAE and reward it with an invite to be part of this prestigious elite community, the Indian & International Professional Association of NLP ! The IPANLP endorse your NLP certificate based on the practice & training in NLP that you have received. Excellent NLP Trainers who are not associated with any particular NLP membership organisation can still have their participants certificates endorsed at the relevant level of training in NLP by the IPANLP.

Association is complementary at all certification levels.  As you take more and more training each of these training days can be credited towards endorsement of higher certification levels.  Hence those who have been on a Practitioner course which is not sanctioned by any other accrediting organisation may be invited to have their certificate endorsed through us by way of an extension course with one of our trusted Educators or Trainers.  
We do not subscribe to the same outdated, minimal 'standards' and hypocritic 'code of ethics' that many NLP membership organisations subscribe to and fail to effect.  Instead we trust that our associates wish to be at the highest standard in the world and will execute from a frame of continual development. 

Hence our only guideline is that you commit to practice and professionally develop yourself by seeking to attend NLP Practice groups and go on as many and as varied NLP Trainings in India & UAE that you can and that you offer a best possible rate for your trainings to other associates of IPANLP so that they may avail of the best and most varied NLP Trainings in India for the betterment of all.

Obtaining multiple perspectives & multiple descriptions is a hallmark of NLP Modelling!

We are elite, in that every associate within the community demonstrates their committment to quality in order to remain part of it.  There will be a finite number of Associates for the IPANLP community and each year will be evaluated to remain part of the community.  Therefore IPANLP will measurably be constantly improving the quality standards within the community and anyone who works or trains with an IPANLP associate will know with certainty that they are dealing with an individual with the highest quality standards in the world in NLP Application & Education.