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NLP Trainer level

IPANLP endorse NLP Trainer at two levels: an NLP Trainer and an NLP Educator (that is, an NLP Trainer with at least 2 years actual, proven teaching experience).

NLP Trainer
Training at this level, expectations are that you know your Classic Code NLP content and patterns at Practitioner level and Master Practitioner level.

NLP content is generally NOT taught at this level, although some courses may have 'review' modules to demonstrate how to teach certain NLP concepts and help participants recap and extend their knowledge of NLP content and patterns.

The training focuses on utilising NLP patterning in the teaching of NLP to others. Using NLP to teach, how to teach NLP to others!

Learning the New Code Training format (John Grinders Training Cycle) which sets a frame for the training topic by way of metaphor and then conditions the patterns at the unconscious level through exercises, tasks and games and for conscious learning through discussion after completing the exercises. This expands the choice of the NLP Trainer to add their own personality and ideas and extends the field of NLP organically and naturally.  This is the art of the true NLP Trainer.

Also what maybe covered is the popular presentation system called the 4MAT system, which has 4 simple specific content areas.  This enables a trainer to give content presentations on subjects they do not really know or understand and with little preparation.  It is useful for business or corporate presentations but lacks the flexibility of discovery or the extendability of the original concept.  This is a useful skill for a sales, business or corporate presenter.

It is reasonable for a competent NLP Trainer to have both an ability to install patterns unconsciously and also have the charisma of an entertaining presenter. 


Upgrading to NLP Educator can be achieved by upgrading to NLP Agent of Change and NLP Meta Agent of Change to embrace New Code NLP. We believe that approaching New Code NLP Courses from the perspective of a Trainer is invaluable and in fact we think NLP Trainer training is valuable to someone new to NLP who would pursue NLP Agent of Change and Meta Agent of Change from the perspective of a trainer!

Certification will initially be endorsed at NLP Trainer level and after demonstrating at least 2 years experience at running New Code NLP Programs the applicant may be endorsed by IPANLP at NLP Educator level.

Unfortunately there are too many NLP Trainers Trainings where the participant can go out the day after the training and run NLP Programs.  There is a need within the field to distinguish quality experienced trainers and the IPANLP endorsed NLP Educator level is it!