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Indian & International Professional Association of NLP

“The secret of change is to focus all of your energy,                                       
                   not on fighting the old, but on building the new."
- Socrates

IPANLP is the Indian & International Professional Association of Neuro-Linguistic Programming operating throughout India and United Arab Emirates (UAE). The IPANLP continues to be considered from the ground up to embrace the core aspects of NLP and their relationships i.e. increase choice, respect for others maps of the world, variability and NLP modelling.

Associating with IPANLP is complementary at all certification levels. There is no initial nor annual membership fee, hence it is not in competition with any NLP membership organisation and is uniquely distinct from them all! 

The IPANLP purpose is to develop an elite self organising community, with independent services, information & resources for NLP Enthusiasts in India & UAE and to recognise NLP Education in India & UAE, especially that which falls beyond the syllabi & certification standards of almost all of the established NLP membership organisations (for example, New Code NLP and even more recently emerging processes.)

It is intended primarily for all Indian & UAE NLP enthusiasts as an elite community that accepts individuals by invitation to associate at the various certification levels. We have built a trusted pool of skilled NLP Practitioners & Educators in India, who view certification as the start of their journey and are committed to Continual Professional Development and practical application for ecological benefit within India & UAE.

Intention: For India & UAE to raise the bar and set the benchmark in NLP application & education that the rest of the world aspires to, supporting reasonably affordable, high quality, NLP practice & education in India & UAE.
Outcome: to encourage fellowship amongst NLP Professionals in India & UAE, continuous professional development and continual improvement in the professional standards for NLP practice & education in India & UAE.  To provide acceptance & recognition of NLP skills, acquisition, application & education, which fall outside the standards & scope of existing NLP membership organisations.
Ecology: All IPANLP associates are equal.  IPANLP facilities are reasonably available to all IPANLP associates. There is no political hierarchy, one for all and all for one! As a community we can work together to become the best NLP Trainers in the world and recognise the best NLP Practitioners & Educators in India & UAE, for our continual development at an affordable cost to each individual. "None of us is as smart as all of us!" - Steve Andreas

The levels of NLP certification endorsed by the IPANLP are :

Classic Code NLP New Code NLP

NLP Diploma
NLP Practitioner
NLP Master Practitioner         

NLP Trainer
NLP Master Trainer


NLP Basic
NLP Agent of Change
NLP Meta Agent of Change
NLP Trainer
NLP Educator
NLP Meta Educator

See here for certification level information.

IPANLP is a website in development and as such we request your patience and understanding that our resources are limited.

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